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Are you ready to transform your life- one step at a time?


What Teetotally Fit can do for you!

Whether you're looking to start a new fitness program, dial in your nutrition, explore an alcohol-free lifestyle, or all of the above, Teetotally Fit is here to help you take the first of many liberating & strength-building steps.

Online personal training

Online training provides a convenient and personalized way to reach your health and fitness goals. Alison creates a personalized plan tailored to your lifestyle, with weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track. You'll also have access to the Teetotally Fit app to track your progress, as well as the option to virtually train via Zoom for a more in-depth experience. This service is available to women worldwide.

In-person training

Alison's in-person training is a great way to get a personalized fitness experience. She will travel to you to provide one-on-one instruction and guidance to help you reach your goals. This service is available to women in the Sacramento region, and can be combined with virtual training for added convenience.

Recovery & Lifestyle Coaching

Recovery and Lifestyle Coaching offers specialized support for sober or sober curious women, as well as those seeking an overall healthier lifestyle. Alison provides one-on-one coaching via Zoom, on the phone, or by email, and is available to women all over the world. Alison's goal is to help you create a lifestyle that brings joy, peace, and balance.


1:1 Online Training

"What strikes different about Alison to me was her realistic approach towards healthy lifestyle. She made workouts look so much fun, easy and short and still makes you sweat. She planned effective workouts around my schedule and kept them short and timed. I always looked forward to do my workouts and realized how much strength and flexibility I gained in just few months. She was very motivating and helped me shift my focus from weight to overall health. She also encouraged me to develop good eating habits. I liked what she said “ focus on what healthy food you like to eat rather that focusing on eliminating food groups." It was best advice and I stuck to it and here I am in best state of mind and body. Alison was best decision I made in 2020!"

Navy S., Working mom of 2






Sacramento, CA


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