My story... 

On January 24, 2017, my life completely changed, as I realized how broken I’d become-mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically- because of alcohol. On that sunny afternoon, I made a choice- I decided to finally live! I broke up with the bottle, and have been striving to become Teetotally Fit ever since!   

This change did not come easily, especially at the beginning, so I quickly leaned into my fitness routine to start bettering my overall health. Fitness has always served as an outlet for me, even as a teenager. However, this outlet of mine has now grown into a passion, and one I’d like to share with you!

After working as a high school counselor for over four years, I returned to school to earn a Masters in Exercise Science with a focus in Wellness and Fitness. In addition, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and IAPRC Professional Life and Recovery Coach. I am also a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions and Guiding Principles .


Outside of my professional titles, I am a proud Air Force wife, as well as a mommy to three fun-loving, energetic kiddos, ages 7, 6 and 4. 

Supporting and serving others is without a doubt both my passion and my gift, so it would be my pleasure to help you wherever you may lie in your Teetotally Fit journey!

"And as she fell apart, her shattered pieces began to bloom- blossoming until she became herself

exactly as she was meant to be."

-Becca Lee

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