Q: Do I have to be a teetotaler/sober/recovering to train with you? 


Short answer: No. 

I will never turn away a person who is striving to better themselves. I am also not one to say, "Don't drink!" because I whole-heartedly know that everyone has a different relationship with alcohol. My story is not necessarily your story. But I will say that if you want to see much more visible results from our trainings, limiting (or eliminating) alcohol will do your body some good- inside and out! 

Q: How long do typical clients use the personal training program?


Four weeks is the minimum program requirement for online training. However, if you really want to see some serious changes, I suggest training for at least 12 weeks. 

For in-person training, the same concept applies in that four weeks should be the minimum, but at least 12 weeks will bring you a lot closer to fulfilling personal goals. The number of sessions per week will also impact the results. 

Q: What if my workout plan is not working with my schedule? Can it be revised? 


Absolutely! My goal is to help you be successful in your workouts. If, for example, you say you're available five days a week to workout, but later realize four is a better fit, I'll rework your plan to meet your reality. I never want you to feel frustrated or stressed but rather joyful and mostly excited to create that time for YOU! But I totally understand that life happens. Some weeks/months/seasons are busier than others. We will factor all of those details into creating a plan and schedule that works just for YOU!

Q: What tools are needed to complete the program? (i.e. weights, gym membership, etc.)


During our consultation, we'll discuss your equipment availability, location, and schedule. For example, if you're doing the online training and plan to workout  at home, I would request that you at least have access to a few dumbbells and stability ball. However, if you plan on working out at the gym, I will tailor your workouts to your gym's equipment. 

If I'll be training you in your home or nearby park, then I will bring my own equipment, as well as utilize your equipment. 

Q: Is life coaching included with personal training? 


Yes and no. I believe that our mental strength is just as important as our physical strength when it comes to fulfilling a fitness plan. However, I think genuine and intentional space should be created to dig deeper into building that mental strength.  Depending on your goals- mentally and physically- we can discuss what package is right for you. We can either focus primarily on your fitness, personal life challenges, or both! 

Q: After I sign up, how quickly can I get started?


Because I genuinely personalize every workout program to fit your goals + schedule, I'll need at least 3-5 business days to create your program after we "meet" on preferred medium (i.e. phone, FaceTime, etc.).  

In-person training will be dependent upon the first scheduled session, as I'll create a plan based on the assessments of this session. 

Still have questions?

Shoot me a message, and I'm happy to get back to you ASAP!

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