FREE 25 Days of HIITmas Challenge (2020)
Dec 01, 2020, 12:00 AM
*PRIVATE* Facebook Group
-About the Challenge-​


Starting on December 1st - Christmas Day, we'll cycle through (provided) HIIT workouts, as well as steady state cardio (i.e. walking, biking, etc.) and active rest days.

**Please note: we WILL NOT be doing HIIT workouts for 25 days straight!**


To join this FREE challenge, you'll first need to sign-up HERE.

Then, you'll need to request access to the *PRIVATE* Facebook group HERE, as this is where you'll receive the HIITmas Workout Guidebook, as well as the HIITmas Calendar.


Additionally, by joining the FB group, you'll most definitely increase your accountability (aka success rate), connect with other like-minded souls, receive daily inspo and prompts, as well as have the opportunity to win WEEKLY PRIZES!! 

Make sure to secure your spot, as I'll be closing the registration by November 30th. 

Can't wait to HIIT our way through the holidays together!

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