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Ready to (re)build your strength - inside & out?

Online Personal Training + Lifestyle Coaching 

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So... what is Teetotally Fit??

It depends on your goals!

Teetotally Fit was created to empower women (who are 100% ready) to live a more fit, balanced, and/or sober lifestyle.


It was also created to help women eliminate the "all or nothing" mindset, and to help (re)build inner & outer strength through empathetic, authentic, and joyful coaching.

Therefore, if the goal is to build more external strength (although internal is bound to happen, too), Teetotally Fit offers both online & virtual personal training.  Each training experience is deeply personalized to support one's fitness level, equipment, and schedule.

If the main focus is to build up internal strength by living the beautiful sober life, then Teetotally Fit offers 1:1 recovery coaching. Coaching provides very unique and personalized accountability for women as they fill-up their sober "toolbox", (re)establish healthy routines, and build a liberating lifestyle they love!

Additionally, if the goal is to focus on creating healthy habits, motherhood, life as a military spouse, or some combo of any above, Teetotally Fit is here for it! 

And will whole heartedly support you every step of the way to help you reach your goals!


Online Yoga

Online or Virtual Personal Training

-Personalized and progressive fitness program

-Access to the Teetotally Fit app


-Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins to assess progress, successes, barriers, etc.

-General nutritional support

-App messaging and email support (as needed)

-Optional 1:1 virtual training

-Access to private Facebook group

-Package Options-

1, 3, & 6 Months

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Lifestyle or Recovery Coaching

-Weekly 1:1 sessions ranging

from 30-50 minutes depending on personal needs & goals

-Resources to aid in self-awareness, mindset, triggers, goals, barriers, recovery tools, etc.

-Email and text support

in-between sessions (as needed)

Areas of focus best supported:

alcohol-free living



military family life


balanced lifestyle

-Package Options-

1, 2, & 3 Months

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"My favorite part of working with Alison was her ability to listen and give advice/feedback in such a positive and upbeat manner. I love how she will always find a win in everything. It is very refreshing!!!"

- Kristin M., Mother of 2

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