How to host a Soberversary Party!

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WOW! I'm still in awe of how much LOVE and support I received the other day as I hit my one-year soberversary! The sweet words, flowers, phone calls, texts... <3 I'm one lucky gal to be surrounded by so many incredible souls!

But my celebrations did not stop there... I decided that the best way for me to truly celebrate the monumental day was to host a Soberversary Party for everyone who played a role in THE DAY I changed/saved my life. Well, everyone except the two kind police officers who facilitated my wishes. ;)

It was a very simple dinner party, and it was wonderful!! I was able to embrace each and every one of them in a new way, and I even gave a small speech of gratitude, tears included. They're all my angels, my friends, and now very much my family. I adore them all to the core because they impacted my life, my soul for the greater good. What better way to say thanks than to feed them a yummy meal and cheers over mocktails (so we're all present)?

Like any woman preparing for a par-tay, I combed through Pinterest for ideas. However, I was saddened to see that there were minimum ideas on how to go about throwing such an event! So by golly! Let me be the first to share some decor, ideas, and inspiration on how to celebrate the BIG DAY!

Spurred by the balloon, I went with a silver, gold, and white theme. The balloon, cake stand and lattice buckets were from the bargain section at Target. The star banners and table runner were also a Target purchase. The silver decor- the Dollar Tree.

Red velvet cake for the win!

Since the party was more about saying "Thank you!" to those who helped me, it was important to have words of gratitude available to them. I created and printed the signs, as well as used some chalkboard labels and metallic markers. Then hot-glued those bad boys to some skewers and BOOM! Signs of gratitude!

I didn't capture all the food, but we kept it simple. Slow cooker carnitas, homemade Spanish rice, chips, salsa, and of course, my fav, homemade guacamole! Serving dishes were all purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Mocktails were a must! I made-to-order my FAVORITE- "Cool As A Cucumber," had a couple sparkling ciders on hand, and then prepped the spritzer. It was so nice having everyone indulge in some of my favorite drinks!

We had other options on-hand, too. But kept it all alcohol-free!

One of best parts of being sober (to me) is that I get to indulge in ALL the sweets without feeling guilty! So sweets and treats we had!

Lastly, how did I keep the kiddos entertained as I set-up? With theme-colored balloons, of course! Always a cheap form of entertainment that lasts for days!

Everyone had a lovely time, and each were beyond sweet and brought gifts. I received a beautiful watch with interchangeable bands, the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a candle with the most spot-on message of "Inhale. Exhale." And my favorite gift?

A coffee mug that reminds me that I am, indeed, SOBER AF!

Let me know if you have any questions about how to throw a Soberversary Party! And together, let's make it a thing on Pinterest!

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