My #TIUSummerSeries: Weeks 1 + 2

Updated: May 11, 2019

**This blog-series is not sponsored or a promo, but rather just my truthful experience through this year's Tone It Up Summer Series.

In early April, after much thought, I decided that I wanted to commit myself to the Tone It Up Summer Series (which in previous years has been known as the "Bikini Series").

This challenge spans six weeks, and is full of DELISH lean, clean, and green recipes, and tons of easy-to-follow workouts on the Tone It Up App.

"Why, Alison?? You're a personal trainer now!"

Well, much like doctors need doctors and counselors need counselors, trainers need trainers.

I LOVE creating my own workouts and have definitely applied my own training tips on myself. However, just like anyone else, I can get little too comfy and not push myself to the max.

Additionally, I've been struggling quite a bit lately with excessive fatigue, bloat, random weight gain, headaches, sugar cravings galore, and a looming fogginess. I've been working with my doctor on some of these symptoms, but I know deep down, there are few tweaks I need to make to best serve my body (i.e. less sweets at night, less/no coffee, consistent clean food, more sleep, etc.)!

Hence, why I thought participating in a challenge that I know from experience has great potential to bring about physical, mental, and nutritional change was perfect for where I am today in my forever fitness journey!

(Plus, it doesn't hurt to do slightly less thinking for myself and have the Tone It Up crew basically spoon-feed me meals and workouts. ;)

With that said, I'll be sharing a bit about my experience with you all over the next few weeks.

So let's begin, shall we?

Here are my starting pics/stats (which are slightly tough to share, but keepin' it REAL):

Weight: 141 lbs

Chest: 36 in

Waist: 31

Hips: 36.75

Left and Right Arms: 12

Left thigh: 20

Right thigh: 20.5

Left and Right calves: 13

If you've followed me the last couple of years on IG or my old blog, you'll know I'm not as slim as I was (see paragraph above that explains why). But I remind myself of these things:

a) I'm not in the same body as the gal who was chugging all the wine she could get her hands on it

b) prior to this, I was doing a lot more heavy lifting which required more fuel/food

c) My body is clearly going through some sort of internal adjustment that I simply need to figure out (btw- my guess is it's adrenal fatigue...)

d) I'm still treating it very well, even if the weight/excess bloat is hanging around

Nonetheless, I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm slightly embarrassed to post these pics because sadly what plays in my head is "You should look better as a trainer!"

But I'm going to continue to shut that voice up and ENJOY this series and to accomplish some goals, which are:

  • Follow the TIU Nutrition Plan for the majority of the challenge

  • Exercise 5x per week (at least 3 of those being TIU workouts + Daily Toning Moves AND first thing in the morning)

  • Yoga 1-2x per week

  • Drink at least 96 oz of water per day

  • Eliminate caffeine

  • Avoid ALL dairy products (i.e. no ice cream for this gal for the next 6 weeks)

  • Journal 4-5x per week

  • Attempt more quick meditation sessions (i.e. in the bath, before bed, as a work break)

  • Blog at least bi-weekly :)

Week 1:

Week 1 was a wee bit tough, as the family and I headed out of town to San Diego for the week for the older kiddos Spring Break.

I prepped and brought along TIU approved snacks (muffins, fruit, and protein bars).

I also brought some pre-made meal options for myself, which included lean protein and veggies.

Surprisingly, I was able to make choices that were mostly TIU approved (thanks to a grocery store being nearby where I could actually select fresh food), but I did have some dairy-free ice cream in the evenings and may have picked at my kiddos' hotel breakfast choices of french toast and sausage. (My reward for surviving three active kiddos running around Legoland and then being squeezed into a hotel room?)

I also got in all my workouts, no problem! :) Many were first thing in the morning, too. #winning

The yoga, journaling, and meditation did not happen, but overall, I was pretty proud of Week 1.

Week 2:

This week has been much better, especially as far as food goes.

I made a lot of what the Meal Plan suggested for this week, as well as created a couple of new dishes of my own (see below).

*The key ingredient in these tacos is a plant-based "queso" spread I found at Sprouts. DELISH!

I did breakdown and have some cereal last night, as I felt genuinely HUNGRY. I probably could've made a better choice, but for whatever reason, my body said, "Cereal. I'd like some S'mores cereal. Now."

So I indulged, and moved on. #BALANCE

Today is a new day, and I know I'll have the opportunity to feed my body all the goodness it needs once again.

My workouts have been going well. So far, I've completed three TIU workouts, plus one of my own (legs). I plan on doing another one of my own at the gym today, but I'll be loosely incorporating TIU Daily Moves for arms (my fav)!

Looking forward to taking a "rest day" tomorrow and Sunday, which will really mean that I'm going to do some yoga and be active with the family (i.e. walks, bike rides). Plus, I've got some personal training sessions with clients, so I may indulge in jumping in on some of the movements to work up a baby sweat! :)

Other positives:

  • I've journaled 3x this week

  • My caffeine has been reduced to 1.5 cups of coffee as of today (which is a MAJOR win, considering I was drinking upwards of 5-6 cups per day)

  • I'm checking off my first blog post in a really, really long time, and I'M SO HAPPY! (I've really missed blogging... like A LOT)!

Now, if you've made it this far, YOU ROCK! (Future posts will not be this long, promise! Would rather stick to weekly updates for everyone's sake. lol!)

Also, if you have ANY questions or areas of interest that you'd like me to share more about, let me know!

See you all next week! :)

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