My #TIUSummerSeries: Week 3

**This blog-series is not sponsored or a promo, but rather just my truthful experience through this year's Tone It Up Summer Series.

This week has been the first week I've really felt some change happening, which really goes to show that my body needed way more consistency than I had been giving it (especially as it applies to my diet).

What changes have I FELT?

Well, certainly less bloated. (Yay!!)

-More energetic (aka my afternoon nap has not been a requirement to get through the day).

-Improved cardio capacity.

-Stronger in a number of exercises.

-Less anxious (which is a HUGE win in my book!!)

What went well this week?

-Meal-prepped every meal for the week except for dinners

-I fulfilled my five days of exercises, and actually opted to follow along with all of the Tone It Up App workouts + Daily Toning Moves.

-Racked up over 10,000 steps almost everyday

-I journaled 3x (which revolved around a daily devotion and gratitude list)

-I did yoga 1x

-I followed the nutrition plan super well 5/7 days

-I'm officially down to one cup of coffee per day!?!

-The scale presented a number I haven't seen in awhile.

What did not go as planned?

-Totally indulged with the family in some KFC (yes, I'm admitting this...hahah! For the record, though, we were going to go to a nice sit down dinner after our kiddos Open House night at school, but due to the kids extra wildness, we decided on quick and fast. The majority vote was for chicken, so KFC got the best of us).

-I treated myself to some *small portions* of dairy-free ice cream a few nights

-I tweaked my left wrist, which has put a slight damper on some of my exercises.

-Kinda slacked on my water goal, but I definitely drank enough. I just want to drink MORE!

-Meditation did not happen whatsoever! Whoops!

Goals going into next week?

-Continue to improving my food choices (and avoid all tempting bites of my kiddos food)

-Run 2x

-Yoga and/or foam rolling 2-3x

-Drink 96oz of water

-Check-in more often on IG so as to connect with more of the #tiuteam and #tiumoms . Extra accountability would definitely help, AND hopefully it'll inspire you, too!

I really did not take a whole lot of pictures this week for whatever reason. However, I'll leave you with the following #flexie I snapped yesterday. We were heading out to our daughter's second round of her FIRST EVER dance recital!! Such an exciting day for her (and me)!!

Ooh, and one more thing! Mamas that are reading this... HAPPIEST OF MOTHER'S DAYS to YOU!!! Hope you get spoiled and treat yourself to all the goodness you deserve!

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