My #TIUSummerSeries: Week 5

**This blog-series is not sponsored or a promo, but rather just my truthful experience through this year's Tone It Up Summer Series.

Did Week 5 even happen?!? I swear I blinked, and we're already into the FINAL WEEK!

Well, let's recap what I can recall of the busy week, shall we?

What changes have I FELT?

  • More days than not, I felt more like myself physically (aka my clothes are fitting the way I'd like)

  • My yoga movements are definitely feeling more natural than ever!

  • My cardio capacity continues to improve

  • My drive to push myself through my workouts has vastly increased! It's definitely been a "me vs. me" kind of week.

What went well this week?

  • Meal-prepped some delish breakfasts and snacks (including one of my own recipes, which I'll share in an upcoming newsletter)

  • Completed three days of just Tone It Up workouts, as well as three days of my own (Sunday was an amazing rest day, to say the least)

  • Even though my food choices outside of my prepped meals were not the healthiest, I made sure to track what I ate.

  • Because I tracked my food (using MyFitnessPal) more intently, I really became aware how much my nibbles here-and-there add up (especially as it applies to eating some of my kiddos food).

  • I journaled 1x (better than none, right?)

  • I did a lot more night time reading (which for me is part of my self-care)

  • I was much closer to reaching my 10K steps per day than in previous weeks

What did not go as planned?

  • Struggled with my food choices, especially once the weekend hit. I found myself just caving to what looked good or tasty rather than what would best fuel my body.

  • My goal was to get 7 hours of sleep each night, but that did not happen due to some middle of the night wakings by the kiddos. Plus, I found myself getting lost in my book, which affected my actual bedtime.

  • My one cup of coffee per day definitely creeped back up on a number of days (see previous re: sleep)

Goals going into the FINAL week?

  • Even though we're already a few days into this final week, my absolute main goal is to not blow it over the weekend (which seems to be my weakness when it comes to food choices)

  • Complete all Tone It Up workouts + daily moves (except for one day, as I definitely will enjoy the heck out of a rest day)

  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink at least 96 ounces per day.

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night

  • Creep my coffee intake back down to one cup (or zero) per day

  • Enjoy every single day, workout, food choice, and movement. Be extra grateful for all that I'm gaining with this challenge! :)

Looking forward to taking my final pics next Monday! :)

Until next week, hope you all have a happy, healthy day! :)

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