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Personal Training + Life and Recovery Coaching

Sacramento, California

E: alison@teetotallyfit.com C: (843) 847-1726

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Sacramento, CA region

Showing up is the hardest part, so let me show up for you! Schedule a 60 minutes session, and I'll bring the equipment, motivation, and inspiration to get you fit!


  • Personalized plan to meet your fitness goals + schedule (includes app access for in-between sessions)

  • Workout sessions in your home or nearby park

  • Individual sessions (min of 4) or discounted packages available 

  • General meal prep advice + list of healthy food options

  • Unlimited email or messaging support in-between sessions

Pricing and Packages:

4 sessions: $260 ($65 per session)

8 sessions: $480 ($60 per session)

12 sessions: $660 ($55 per session)




Online training is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Once we "meet" on your preferred medium (email, video calling, phone, etc.), I'll prepare a personalized fitness program including weekly check-ins. Great for accountability and unlimited support!

  • Personalized plan to meet your fitness goals + schedule

  • Exercises customized to your available equipment (at-home or at the gym)

  • Free access to company app

  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins (by phone, video calling or email)

  • General meal prep advice + list of healthy food options

  • Unlimited access to me via email or app messaging 

  • 4, 8, 12, and 16 week program packages available

  • Adjustments to plan, as needed

Prices and Packages:

4 weeks: $150

8 weeks: $275

12 weeks: $400

16 weeks: $525



Worldwide or Sacramento, CA

Whether you are struggling with your health and fitness goals or trying to find balance as a sober (or sober curious woman), my Life Coaching services will support you in achieving your inner desires.


Coaching is different than counseling or psychotherapy. Together, our work will focus on the "Here and Now" and how we can best move you forward with a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle. 

  • FREE 30-minute Discovery Call 

  • Weekly sessions (via Zoom or in-person)

  • Resources that help explore and support your goals

  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions

  • Life challenges that can be best supported: fitness, alcohol-free living, wellness, motivation, military family life, motherhood, stress, and finding balance.


Prices and Packages:

1 session: $125

4 sessions: $400

($100 per session)

8 sessions: $600 

($75 per session)

Living a Teetotally Fit life is easier when you have the support of someone who empathizes with the journey. Reach out so I can be that support for you, and together, we'll get you going on the road to a fitter future.

Want to combine Personal Training + Life Coaching?

Let me know, and I'll personalize a pricing package just for YOU!